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The Lubbock Heritage Society sponsored a tour of Claude, Texas, on Saturday, June 7th. Among the places visited was the Goodnight Historical Center, the Armstrong County Historical Museum, the Gem Theatre, and the old Claude School.

The gorgeous view from the bus heading down to Claude on a cloudy Saturday morning.


The gorgeous view from the bus heading down to Claude on a cloudy Saturday morning.

Executive Director of the Armstrong County Museum, Tom Novak greeted us in the meeting area of the Visitor's Center, and gave a little overview of the history of how the Goodnight House and related buildings were preserved.

Montie Goodin, whose father Cleo Hubbard was foreman of the Goodnight Ranch, shared her family's history with the historic Texas ranch.

Front of the impressive Goodnight House.

The back of the Goodnight House which has a beautiful sleeping porch on the second floor.

Charles Goodnight is credited with the invention of the chuckwagon in 1866.

A docent talks about the fireplace and wallpaper in the living room.

Example of the type of dress Mrs. Goodnight might have worn.

Example of one of the transom windows above a doorway in the Goodnight House.

Stained glass inserts in the front door and the transom window above.

The second floor room referred to as the Ballroom currently houses an example of quiltmaking.

One of the beds in the house. This one was donated to the Goodnight Center and is not original to the house itself.

Exterior of the 1915 Gem Theatre which continues to host theatrical and musical performances.

A view of the interior of the Gem Theatre taken from the stage.

Some of the exhibits on display at the Armstrong County Historical Museum.

A fabulous artwork in the shape of a buffalo with scenes painted on it related to the history of the Goodnight Ranch.

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